Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microscopy is a premium method performed by a special microscope that provides a complex picture of a live drop of blood in the dark field of the microscope.

This method:

  • highlights the early stages of the disease,
  • acute infection,
  • allergy,
  • insufficient digestion or inflammation,
  • it will help to identify the cause of already existing illnesses or problems that can not be ascertained by classical examinations,
  • offers the possibility of prevention before the disease appears,
  • allows the client to see the state of his or her organism with his own eyes.

Compared to the results of standard diagnostic procedures, he can figure out some changes that can not yet be detected by standard methods, as they are working with a dead blood sample in the lab.

You can diagnose using this method:

  • the quality of blood cells and their functionality,
  • processes in blood plasma,
  • microorganisms at different stages of development,
  • mold,
  • functional state of erythrocytes,
  • anemia,
  • stage of hydratation,
  • poor circulation of blood, oxygenation status,
  • the presence of food residues (proteins and fats),
  • uric acid crystals,
  • cholesterol crystals, chylomicrons,
  • the presence of heavy metals.

What can not be diagnosed:

  • the blood glucose status (however, accompanying phenomena may appear that indicate a problem with sugar in the blood),
  • borrelia (not usually in capillary blood),
  • the exact pH value of the blood (but many indicators that show that the body's pH is low),
  • blood group,
  • pregnancy,
  • genetic predisposition,
  • metabolic type.

This analysis does not replace medical tests, but is a motivating factor for the client to change his eating habits and take care of prevention.