We do a complete diagnosis of individual organs and systems, and you can convince yourself of the quality of your blood in the dark field of the microscope.

Complete examination

This service includes two visits, blood tests and bioresonance diagnostics, analysis, processing of results in the form of a final report and consultation with a physician.

A set of two screening methods to get the most information about the overall health of the client.


  • allows to analyze homeostasis of organs and systems and to reveal diseases throughout the body, its possible causes and the prognosis of the future development of the disease,
  • will determine the predicted disease in the risky state of development,
  • detects the biological activity of the microflora, the presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites with localization and degree of their harmful effects on the organism,
  • qualitatively controls biochemical parameters of blood, toxins, allergens, sensitivity,
  • can characterize functional and structural changes,
  • can detect food intolerance, sensitivity to chemicals, electromagnetic influences.

Live Blood Analysis Darkfield Microscopy

  • allows to diagnose the quality of blood cells and their functionality,
  • processes in blood plasma,
  • microorganisms at different stages of development,
  • mold,
  • functional state of erythrocytes,
  • anemia,
  • the state of hydration ,
  • poor circulation of blood, oxygenation status,
  • the presence of food residues (proteins and fats),
  • crystalline uric acid,
  • cholesterol crystals, chylomicrons,
  • heavy methals.

Instructions for examination

If you are ordered for examination, please follow these instructions:

  • Come on empty stomach.
  • 4 hours prior to the examination, the client should not eat anything and drink only no gas water on the day of the test.
  • Remove all metals, including earrings, watches, chains, tape, metal spectacles, piercings or metal implants.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • It is advisable to find out in advance your blood group and Rh factor, the device also takes this data into account.

!!! An absolute contraindication of the biorezonance examination is cardiac pacemaker and epilepsy !!!