About Sensitiv Imago™ Ultimate Complex

We live in the New Age times when both the Medicine (holistic doctors) and the Science (nuclear and quantum physics) recognize on a proved basis, that a Human Organism is a complex multi-level system that includes the physical processes, the mental processes and the energy-information processes. So very often, it's a connection between all these levels that creates health problems that aren't possible to tackle by only scanning the physical body.

Introducing our "SI™ Ultimate Complex" which offers a Unique Combination of Health Holistic Technologies that open an unparalleled work with health on all the levels - physical problems, energy problems, psychological problems, electro-magnetic polution in modern homes and offices.

Problems in the human organs and systems

SENSITIV IMAGO™ 530 - diagnostics/testing/compensation technology which offers 96% accuracy - the best in the Bioresonance field. It provides a full scan of human body, identification of pathogens and individual testing of food, medicines, supplement. Also includes the energy compensation (FC,BRT, Bio-impendance, Spectronosodes) possibilities for organs and systems.

Problems in the Human Energy Centers and the Human Biofield

AUREOLA™ S - the best world-wide research Bio-Photon Holography Scan Technology. Provides the view of the energy-imbalancies in a) the Human Bio-field Energy and b) the Human Energy Centers and their impact on the problems in the physiological organs of the tested person. 

Problems with the environmental electro-magnetic polution

SENSITIV IMAGO™ ANGEL - the Quantum Energy Protection Technology. Protect the human organism against the modern-age electro-magnetic polution coming from the electro-magnetic devices (computers, mobile phones, radioactive waves, electric lamps, geopathogen zones etc.)
Important! SI Angels also provides protection for operator and client in bioresonance centers and centers that use all kinds of electro-magnetic medical and non-medical equipment.